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It's the day of that super important meeting and you're ready to go. You've got the perfect outfit picked out, you're hair is on point, and you bought the right perfume for the occasion. You're finally in the zone when you notice this HUGE blackhead right in the middle of your face--yikes! No worries though--you know that pesky pore clogger doesn't stand a chance against this awesome removal kit. Great for all kinds of blemishes, this kit easily pops and removes those nasty blackheads for a nice clean look. Now go get 'em tiger, you've got this in the bag.


• Includes a case and 5 removal tools
• Made of stainless steel
• Also works on whiteheads and lurking pimples
• Final sale
• PU. leather zippered case
• Double looped tool
• Needle extractor tool
• Cone dome extractor tool
• 2 additional extractors

• Wash your face, hands, and the tool you’re going to use
• Surround the blackhead or pimple with the loop
• Press down firmly and evenly
• Slowly glide the tool across the blemish to ensure all the pus and dirt that was trapped inside is squeezed out
• Thoroughly wash your face, hands, and the tool when the extractions are complete

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